Elizabeth Marks and Associates
began as a full-service advertising agency in 1975 and today those services include a diverse and growing array of digital pathways as well as a new division created to utilize the company's experience in Project and Bid Management.

Since the beginning, the company has matched marketing strategies with the times, retaining communications at its core, while engaged in a wide range of related business activities. The company's work has been rewarded with more than 60 creative awards for broadcast and print, including a "100 Best" for television production from Advertising Age, multiple awards from Creativity Magazine, and dozens of national and regional awards.

Well in to its third decade, the company now serves public and private entities, the construction, real estate and development industry, non-profits, food commodities, state and federal agencies and local governments.

From management and operating solutions to the implementation of marketing and communications plans for advertisers, Elizabeth Marks and Associates, Inc., continues to follow a common sense approach of strategic thinking, combined with creative execution, to meet each client's needs.

Whether competitively bid or awarded by merit, every project is approached with an eye towards economy and maximum efficiency.